Introducing Glove Tip
Glove Tip is the glove attachment for Smartphones and touch-screen devices
  • Attach the tiny and detachable Glove Tip to your gloves and keep using your Smartphone and touch-screen devices.
  • Don't change your style by buying a special conductive glove, and don't take off your gloves just to use your touch screen.
  • Have the world at your Glove Tips!
how do i use it
Glove Tip lets you use your Smartphone
and other touch-screen devices while
wearing gloves.
  • Touch-screen devices need static electricity from your skin to work. That's why, gloves don't work on your touch-screen.
  • Designed with skin sensitive conductive material, the Glove Tip passes the static electricity from your finger, through your glove, to your touch-screen.
here is a tip

Before attaching the Glove Tip, pay attention to where on your gloves you are touching the screen. You may be surprised that the best place to attach the Glove Tip is slightly on the side of the glove finger or thumb. Also, some people prefer having the Glove Tips on both thumbs.